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Brand Shipping Containers is a global business engaged in the sales, servicing and delivery of premium quality shipping containers. Brand Shipping Containers facilitates international trade between the world’s major economies, and among emerging markets across all continents.

Over the years, Brand Shipping Containers has diversified its activities to include overland transportation, logistics and a growing portfolio of port terminal investments. Today, our focus remains true to our roots and we continue to build and retaining long-term trusted partnerships with customers of all size and scale.

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With our standard of quality, its only natural that we get accolades from our customers all around the globe.

Elizabeth Sofia CEO

We often need to purchase containers for International freight to different destinations around the world. We have always found equipment purchased through Brand Shipping Container Services to always exceed the quality required and supplied with all necessary certification and plates. Our dealings on purchase and supply are always efficient and painless – something that is rare In the modern world.

Jillian J. Dooley WordPress Dev.

I found your service to be more than friendly whilst still being very professional. Every time I rang I was spoken to properly and given the information I required. My containers were delivered and installed without any problems and the truck driver was an absolute gentleman, that knew his job and was more than capable of handling the tight fit we required, without a problem. Overall, your team has done a great job at providing me with good service and advice, and I would recommend them to all, and will continue to purchase from you, should I need more containers…..thank you all very much, you deserve the praise, in a time when most big companies do not care about service, your company shines

Julian Hurst

We had to move out of our old house in QLD 3 month before our new house in NSW was ready. I didn’t want to pack things twice, so the container idea made sense. We hired a container from Brand Shipping Container Services, letting them arrange the delivery & transport for us. We packed the container, stored it for the 3 months, then called Brand Shipping Container Services to come pick it up. Everything was easy to arrange & they were very well organized. Having the container on the ground & onsite made unpacking a breeze. We noted the care of all involved as nothing was damaged in the move. We have recommended Brand Shipping Container Services to all our friends moving interstate – we will be back too!